Family Law in Nevada – What You Need To Know

nevada divorce lawOne cannot just hire a good family law attorney in Nevada and then leave everything in their hands, expecting to show up at court at the end and have everything fall into place like a television show.

There are many steps in between the start of a divorce case and the trial. Also, since over 90 percent of cases settle without having to go to trial, the odds are that the case will not be going to trial. Client need to know the process by which these cases navigate their way through the court system.

It can be very intimidating when client is facing something new and client don’t know what to expect. The first date, the first kiss, the first child, is all events that can fill client with anxiety. Client may find oneself wondering, what am I supposed to be doing? Am I doing this right? Is there something else I’m supposed to be doing? It has often been said that if life came with an instruction book things would be much easier.

Divorce is a high stress situation. Even if client has gone through divorce before, it is still stressful. It is even more stressful if client do not know what to anticipate. The future and the future of the children are all on the shoulders. Learning what to expect can decrease some of the anxiety.

Divorce court

Nevada family courtroomOften people speak with their friends and relatives in order to learn about divorce court. This can result in incorrect information. The fact pattern in the friend or relative’s case may be quite different from clients. Their case may have been uncontested, whereas the might be hotly contested.

Their case might have been a “knock down drag out” custody battle, whereas the case might be resolved amicably. Their case may have been in a different state, in a different county, or in front of a different judge. Even if their case was heard in front of the very same judge, the laws may have changed since their case was heard. Realize that any information client obtain through the rumor mill may do client more harm than good.

Types of courts

In the United States, there are two main types of courts: civil and criminal. Divorces are heard in the civil court system. Some places have special courts designated for hearing divorces and other family court matters. These courts have different names around the country, including family court, matrimonial court and domestic relations court. Within these courts, the rules can be different from regular civil courts. In fact, the procedural rules and the substantive law on divorce are different in every single state in America.

The rules and law can also be different from one county to another within the same state. Even within the same county, one judge may have different rules than another judge, and one judge may interpret the laws and rules in a different way than another judge down the hall. And the laws and procedural rules are constantly changing. Only a Nevada family law attorney will have much knowledge about these rules and regulations.

Tips for Selecting a Lawyer

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, you need an outstanding lawyer who will deal with your case skillfully. Whether it is a happy case such as adopting a child or purchasing a plot or a sad moment such as divorce, you need a skillful lawyer who will give the best for you. There are many lawyer firms out there who always try to prove their services as perfect. However, some of them are not as perfect as they claim. Thus, they may not be suitable for you.

Best Tips for Selecting a Lawyer

While looking for a lawyer, All you need is the information to guide you in your search. Apart from fees, there are many factors that are worth considering before you make your decision for a lawyer. The following is a simple guide with tips for selecting a lawyer;

a) Realize the Reason Why You need a Lawyer

Different lawyers are suitable and knowledgeable for different cases. The professionals can handle different cases differently. Most of the times, you will find that different lawyers are known due to how they handled different cases previously. Therefore, you need to consider a lawyer who is well known for your specific case.

b) Reference

There never lacks individuals in the society who have tips on who to consult for a certain issue. Therefore, you should also look for information about the knowledgeable and outstanding lawyers who are available locally. You may seek information from neighbors, friends, organizations, hospitals, or at any other platform with people who are knowledgeable on your specific case.

c) Consult and Rate Different Lawyers

Before your select your favorite lawyer, it is pretty advisable to compare and contrast different lawyers. Some of them are just after getting your money. Others are genuinely after delivering their services to make an impact in the society. Consider a lawyer who is geared to see a positive change in the society and take their services.

d) Experience

Experience breeds perfection. Consider a lawyer who has gone to the court severally and come out with success. Such a lawyer is likely to handle your case with confidence. He/she is also likely to be knowledgeable on many fields which need lawyer services.

e) Cost

Always do not forget to put into consideration the cost of lawyer services that is being offered. Many lawyers will either assess your case or your outlook before they charge you for their services. However, there are other lawyers who fixed charges for different cases. Consider the lawyers who have fixed charges for different services. Also consider lawyers who offer you a relatively cheaper price with a guarantee of experienced and skillful services.


Lawyers are very important in life as they act as a source of knowledge which helps in settling cases. With wise tips for selecting a lawyer, you can get good results for your case. Information about lawyers is also available over the internet. Other lawyers have their brochures bearing personal data and biographies which can guide you in rating their services. These resources will help you to find an effective lawyer for you.